Why Teach with Learning Yard?

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Welcome to the Learning Yard team! We’re excited to guide you through the few simple steps to begin your teaching journey with us!

Application and ID Check

Please take a few moments to complete your application and share some information about yourself with us. Our application process is quick and easy, and includes a fun selfie for ID verification. We take safety and security seriously at Learning Yard and want to ensure that our community is a safe and welcoming environment

Have a Quick Chat with us through Friendly Interview

Lets get to know each other, we want to know more about your teaching passion and your unique teaching style. Do not worry! it’s a lighthearted and fun chat!

List your First Class

Get ready to share your knowledge and expertise with the world! You can choose to offer a one-time class or an ongoing course, the choice is yours. And don’t worry about anything else – just focus on teaching and let us handle the rest

Questions Teachers Ask

What we love in a teacher?

We are looking for someone who are dedicated to making education an enjoyable experience by offering tailored teaching methods that meets the needs of both pupils and parents.

Who can teach?

At Learning Yard, we believe that everyone has something valuable to offer as an educator. We understand that each individual has their own unique teaching style, shaped by their personal experiences and interests, and we appreciate the diverse perspectives that our instructors bring to the table. That being said, you do not need a formal degree in education to teach. However, we do conduct a thorough background check and casual interview to get to know our potential instructors better.

What topic should I teach?

We believe in the power of teaching according to your passions and expertise. That’s why we welcome classes in all formats and subjects for learners up to 18 years old. We generally suggest a course schedule of around 12-15 sessions, which could be scheduled once per week or twice per week. However, the frequency and duration of the course is entirely up to you as the teacher, which also includes one-time courses. Our priority is to provide a platform for passionate educators like you to share your knowledge and inspire learners of all ages.

In what ways does Learning Yard support its community of educators?

At Learning Yard, we believe that teachers should focus on what they do best, which is teaching. To support them, we offer a platform that connects teachers and parents, providing convenient options for scheduling changes and cancellations. We also provide integrated video call tools for seamless online teaching, and a secure payment gateway for hassle-free transactions. Our goal is to make teaching and learning as smooth and efficient as possible for everyone involved.

How do I get paid for teaching at Learning Yard?

Listing your classes on Learning Yard is completely free! As an instructor, you have full control over the price of your class and the number of participants. We offer two payment methods: Thai Bank Transfer and Paypal. If you choose to receive payment via Paypal, please note that you will be responsible for any fees associated with the payment. Payments are transferred to you after the class begins, and are processed on the 28th of each month. Please keep in mind that 30% of all enrolment fees do go towards supporting our platform.

Can I set my own schedule as an instructor at Learning Yard?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to create a schedule that works best for you with our ongoing courses. Simply choose the day, time, and frequency that you’re most comfortable with for meeting.

What materials for teaching should I use or prepare?

You’re in luck! You get to create your very own teaching materials in whatever way you think will be most helpful for your students. Maybe you want to put together a slide presentation, or maybe you prefer to create a PDF. Whatever floats your boat! The most important thing is that your students learn and have fun doing it. So, go ahead and get creative!

What happens if I cancel a class?

If you cancel a class, you won’t receive payment for that class. We understand that schedules can change, so please give your students at least 24 hours’ notice before the class start time.

What happens if I miss a class?

Though we know all our educators are dedicated towards teaching, we also understand that sometimes you might need to miss a class. If that happens, please give us a heads up and let your students know too, so they’re not left wondering. We want to make sure our students have the best possible learning experience, and your energy and enthusiasm play a big part in that. But just a quick reminder, if a class is missed, we won’t be able to provide payment for that class.